Highlights Worthwhile To Pay Attention In Chinaplas Guangzhou 2015

Breakthrough graphite eps beads pelletizing line

EPS graphite beads pelletizing extrusion program has been mysterious and monopolized by Western companies. Useon is just about the first person to consume the crab in China. Useon offers marketed two lines to Stanley Tianjin and arranged the lines up and running for several months. Some performances of Stanley’s PolyFoam graphite EPS board provides outstripped Sunpor and Neopor.

Useon can introduce this foam extrusion technology in Chinaplas. Except providing the complete pelletizing system, we provide know-how and training program to make sure customers to be able to run the relative range properly.

Latest PET dry-free twin screw extrusion system

Before year, our PET dry-free direct extrusion system has been recognized by market noticeably. Several top dominant suppliers of PET sheet line have established long-term strategic co-operation around. Twin screw immediate extrusion is acquiring lead for Family pet processing which can save energy significantly and stream range the whole procedure flow chart.

Updated CO2 foam XPS production line

We may also introduce our latest CO2 foam XPS creation line that assist us gained most of tasks funded by UNIDO to phase-out HCFC utilization in XPS production. We believe after having applied this campaign, the others XPS manufacturers beyond UNIDO projects need to upgrade or replace their current plastic compounding machines XPS creation line to catch up with the mainstream of the marketplace.

To learn more details, welcome to stop by us in R31, Hall2.1.

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