USEON's incredibly professional team usually targets the ongoing advancement for twin screw extruders. Because the first China'ade high torque level twin screw extruder was set up in 2007, USEON provides delivered a lot more than 400 pieces of powerful machines and now the series come to SAT. SAT series machines are exactly highlighted as it's label:


S-safety:AT series machines include enough safety protection systems to provide the highest safety factor both in mechanical and electrical.

A-Accuracy:AT series machines are assembled with precise parts which are prepared by special CNC tools. The innovative CNC tools for screw kneading and elements blocks ensure the high accuracy kneading effect.

T-Torque:AT series machines are equipped the USEON'ade high torque gearboxes. The purely'onitored procedures with digital torque split trial provide the gearbox with high basic safety element. All SAT series machines have particular torque element of 10.30Nm/cmv and higher, also you can find more rate available.

As a respected provider of polymer handling extrusion equipment, our group not merely has expertise in devices design and manufacturing, but has rich encounter in polymer processing aswell. Our discovering and innovating spirits has been contributing to advancements of twin screw extruders' application. USEON' s strong technical background, multi functional lab center and initialrate gear will meet up with your own complex requirements definitely.

SAT can achieve more delicate processing job recently, precise process control may meet sophisticate and complicate processing purpose. Better dispersion, more accurate temperature control and higher throughput have been optimized and integrated further.

The perfect idea of the split'ransmitting principle has been successfully applied in USEON patented gearbox using the digital online monitoring system; each gearbox is normally assembled with precise placing for torque balance.

Because of our particular CNC equipment for gearbox parts that ensures it is durability and high torque result. With 10.3Nm/cm3 specific torque, SAT meets mainstream European standard this means SAT could work under reduce temperature with higher throughput.Screw elements

Precise screw elements made by CNC tools provide SAT better intermeshing and personalpiping performance which ensures the entire processing no dead part and better control in RTD (home time distribution).

The ratio of outside diameter and inside diameter determines the free volume. SAT series extruders feature the wonderful self piping functions. Merging with screw torque and free of charge volume, the Do/Di of SAT is normally optimized at 1.55 offering sufficient torque while stay enough free volume.

Except various screw geometry, we supply several materials of screw elements for different processing purpose. We can also configure different double screw extruder screw components in various processing section.

Barrel elements

SAT adopts clever cooling route design which provides more efficient chilling performance and much easier maintenance. Modular design allows barrel series could be optimized with different barrel materials as per the characteristic of processing job.

To ensure the accuracy, most SAT barrels are processed by CNC machines. We have various barrel buildings to appeal to different feeding liquid injection, venting types and types.

Safety protection

SAT uses multi security program both in electrical and mechanical

M Torque limiter the overload security torque limiter applied for instant security for extrusion and gearbox devices. This will be helpful for sudden mechanical load protection.

M Precise acceleration difference control and sensors -panel. There are two sensors between the motor aspect and gearbox part which will transfer digital transmission to control system once any readable velocity difference between the both sides swiftness occurs.

M Overloading security from the main motor driving unit.

EC compounder-Economic solutions

EC compounder series devices are specially created for those users who wish to make little to medium size compounding quantities. The features become had with the EC series devices of easily'aintained, simple procedure concept, cost effective and user friendly.

The EC series machines have significant PRICE/PERFORMANCE ratio.

The EC compounders were created for a wide range of application in the polymer compounding industry:

¢Preparations of master batches;

¢Engineered plastic;

¢Processing of TPE compounds;

¢Processing of PVC compounding with tandem extruders.

TDY Counter-toprotating Twin Screw ExtrudersSpecially for reaction and devolatilization

In reaction and devolitilization wealthy experience, Useon has long tradition and extrusion. The unique functioning basic principle of counter spinning twin screw extruder finds a particular niche market in extrusion process. We developed some particular screw barrels and elements to fulfill the individual handling task.

Due to its exclusive working concept, the relative series acceleration is low so that the material could be processed less than very low shear power and fast exchange price of material turn over. The increased materials surface area associates with vacuum program bring about ideal devolitilization performance.

Pelletizing system

Strand die or spaghetti pelletizing system is suitable for some polymer compounding production, which features basic easy procedure, convenient maintenance and structure. The threshold of operators is low also. This system consists of strand expire, water bath, surroundings knife, strand pelletizer and vibrating classified. This technique can be offered with car packaging program

Water ring pelletizing system

Water ring pelletizing system is good for specific plastics, such as for example PE/PP/PS/EVA/TPU etc., etc. The final pellet looks has and nicer good flowability. Relatively speaking, the length of production line is normally shorter than strand die. This operational program contains water ring pelletizer, water circulating dewater system, vibrating classifier and program. It could incorporate with auto packaging system.

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