A twin screw extruder for oil extraction

Our work is approximately the extraction of sunflower seed essential oil in a good twin-screw extruder with or perhaps minus the injection of 2-ethylhexanol and acidified 2-ethylhexanol. 2-Ethylhexanol is certainly mixed with phosphoric acid. The oil recovery is increased to 90% by the co-injection of acidified liquor. Mixing phosphoric acid with the alcohol enhances the lability of the oily spherosomes. Its addition escalates the destruction of the membranes enveloping the lipid-made up of organelles to release the oil more easily. Phosphoric acid exhibits an extracting and a degumming position. The best oil top quality was acquired at a minimal extraction temp (80¡ãC), when 88% of the essential oil was taken away. After alcoholic distillation, the essential oil exhibited a total acid benefit (mineral acidity plus organic acidity) of 4 mg KOH/g compounding extruder of oil and a natural phosphorus content below 30 ppm.

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