Extruder Polymera closes

HEBRON, OHIO - Polymera Inc., a profile compounder and extruder of wood-plastic composite material, closed July 14, laying off about 30 people.

The ongoing company was founded in 2010 2010 and began operations the plastic pelletizer following year in Hebron, about 25 miles of Columbus east, Ohio. Polymera control included several industry veterans with years of encounter from Crane Plastics Production Inc. of Columbus.

Polymera owner and President Maan Said did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Following a tip that the company could be closed, a Plastics News reporter stopped by the factory in a Hebron industrial park on July 28. Leading door was locked. No cars had been in the parking whole lot. Then Jason Staffan, a laid-off plant employee, drove up in his pickup truck, trying to find a supervisor to indication his form to acquire unemployment compensation.

July 14 staffan said the factory closed. Said named an emotional meeting between your second and third shifts to announce the news headlines, Staffan said.

Staffan had worked at Polymera for about one-and-a-half years, running extruders and pelletizers.

¡°I loved functioning here,¡± he said. ¡°We'd a great team.¡± Staffan said, ¡°I¡¯d come back,¡± if Polymera can reopen.

Maan Said was a hands-on executive who often pitched directly into help you in the factory, Staffan said. ¡°Maan was a great person. He was out there sweeping the flooring surfaces around,¡± he said.

Staffan said that of management was great and supportive to work with. Asked if there have been any ¡°bad guys¡± in the closing, he explained: ¡°Funds was the bad guy. You stop earning money and you can¡¯t stay in business.¡±

Then supervision personnel drove into the parking lot, and signed his unemployment form. They confirmed the plant had closed but referred questions to Said.

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