Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

Milacron's new small-footprint parallel twin screw extruder, the Atlas 93, is thought to give powerful features for home window profile processing. Like the manufacturer's 114 and 135 versions, which it complements, the Atlas 93 is also said to be perfect for producing PVC pipe, siding, and sheet, in addition to for plastic recycling extruder machine processing various foam applications.

The counter-rotating parallel screws of the Atlas 93 have a length-to-size ratio of 26:1 L/D (measured from the downstream end of the feed port), says Milacron. The feed area provides "exceptional" surface area, allowing efficient heat transfer to the feed materials. Further, the maker explains, a low compression ratio, distributed over a longer L/D ratio, reduces screw deflection and drastically extends the life of both screws and barrels.

All operational system features are designed into a "unitized base," simplifying installation, operation, and maintenance, says Milacron. Simple "drop-in-place" machine installations and single electric drop requirements enable processors to be up and running quickly, the ongoing company adds. Common features reportedly include:

*High-capacity four-shaft gearbox (unlike most other parallel twins screw extruders, designed to use a three-shaft design) with integral housing containing both decrease and distribution gearing for higher torque and thrust capability;

*Metered dosing feeder for appropriate intake volume and broad processing latitude;

*Consistent, controllable process cooling and heating program featuring five barrel method zones with the 3 downstream zones using drinking water cooling--a design that's reported to be "nearly free of maintenance," compared with that of oil-cooled devices;

*Availability of microprocessor handles or discrete instrumentation in the same price;

*Subcomponents such as vacuum motor and pump, barrel cooling screw and program oil heating/cooling system mounted on slide-out trays for easy protection;

*Direct-coupled Reliance AC vector electric motor and drive system for extended service on PVC production;

*Milacron Exc microprocessor control, which "oversees" the extruder procedure and provides a basic, all-inclusive control station.

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