Plastic Extrusion Machine Maintenance

Screw extruder with plan maintenance and regular repair of maintenance found in two ways:

(1) regime maintenance is a normal routine, do not take into account equipment operating hours, usually completed through the drive. Concentrate on clean machine essential oil to all moving parts, an easy task to loose the screw to tighten, timely inspection, adjustment motors, control instrumentation, and piping and other parts of the work.

(2) regular maintenance of normal continuous procedure of the extruder equipment is shut down for 2500-5000h for the machine requires the disintegration of inspection, measurement, identification of the primary the different parts of the tear and wear, replacement parts have reached the limits of the provisions of wear and tear, service the damaged parts.

(3) does not allow empty working, so as not to screw and barrel rolled hair.

(4) extruder running event of uncommon sound, ought to be stopped for inspection or fix immediately.

(5) prevent the metal or different debris in to the hopper, so as not to damage the barrel and screw. To avoid iron debris into the barrel, the barrel in the feed material into the oral cavity of the magnetic components attached suction or magnetic rack to avoid debris falling into the material prior to screening.

(6) Remember that the development environment clean, Don't allow contamination of the material block spam filter table, affecting the merchandise yield, top quality, and increased mind resistance.

(7) When the extruder may take longer to end the use, ought to be on the screw, Jane, head, etc., coated with anti-rust grease. Tiny screw to be hoisted in the fresh air or put into special wooden field and use solid wood pad level, so as not to screw bumps or deformation.

(8) frequent calibration of temperature control instrumentation, check the correctness of its regulation and control sensitivity.

(9) extruder gear field gear maintenance and the same standard standard. Check the main bearing and double screw extruder equipment wear and failure circumstance. Manual gear box should be specified utilizing the machine essential oil, and apply the oil level with the addition of the oil, inadequate oil, lubrication is not anti-, lower part existence; oil too much, heat a large, multi-energy, oil- metamorphism, because the lubrication failure, causing damage to parts of the results. Gearbox oil seals ought to be replaced parts to make sure lubricant.

(10) attached to the cooling pipe extruder and convenient guitar scale wall external corrosive rust. Maintenance checks should be done carefully, will plug the pipe level too much, reach a cooling impact, corrosion serious leaks, so care must be used the preservation and cleaning measures to cool down.

(11) on the travel screw rotating brush DC motor to focus on examination of wear and exposure, the motor's insulation resistance benefit is a lot more than the specific value should be measured regularly. In addition to check the wires and other parts for rust, and use of protective measures.

(12) The designated person in charge of equipment maintenance. And detailed information of each case contained in maintenance and restoration plant equipment management data.

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