Foam extrusion of high density polyethylene/wood‐flour composites using chemical foaming agents

A one-method analysis of variance and thermal analysis were performed in this study to examine the influences of the contents, types, and forms of chemical foaming agents, and also the use of coupling mixer extruder agents, on the density reduction and cell morphology of extrusion-foamed neat high density polyethylene and HDPE/wood-flour composites. The CFA types and forms did not influence the void fractions of both the neat HDPE and HDPE/wood-flour composites. Even so, a gas containment limit was observed for neat HDPE foams whereas the common cell size attained in the HDPE/wood-flour composite foams remained insensitive to the CFA contents, regardless of the foaming agent types. The experimental results indicated that the usage of coupling agent in the formulation was required to accomplish HDPE/wood-flour composite foams with substantial void fraction.

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    Obat Patah Tulang Alami (Monday, 03 April 2017 03:46)

    Looks good. I am thinking on taking some courses on that. It will be both interesting and useful.