A Computer Model for Single Screw Plasticizing Extrusion

A fully predictive computer model has been developed for a single-screw plasticating extrusion. The model takes into account five zones of the extruder and the die, and describes a surgical procedure of the extruder-die system, to be able to predict a mass stream cost of the polymer, temperature and pressure profiles across the screw channel and in the single screw extruder die, sturdy bed profile, and power consumption. Moreover, mixing degree, heat fluctuation and viscoelastic real estate of the polymer happen to be approximated. The simulation parameters will be the materials and rheological houses of the polymer, the screw, hopper and die geometry, and the functioning conditions. Such a comprehensive approach to the modeling of extrusion produces the possibility of optimizing the procedure, for example, from the true point of view of the quality of extrusion. The model features been verified experimentally for a low-density polyethylene on a 45 mm diameter single-screw extruder.

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