Analysis of a Single Screw Extruder with a Grooved Plasticating Barrel

Sole screw extruders with barrier screws, grooved feed zones and grooved melting zones were introduced to the European plastics industry in 1999. These extruders have a better melting and conveying ability among other advantages, such as a lower melt not as much torque, less wear, not as much energy consumption and temperatures. The plastic pellet extruder aim of this paper is to present a mathematical unit for predicting the melting pace in this sort of extrusion system. Using the classical melting mechanism seen in conventional extruders, it had been possible to review the effect of the geometry of the grooved barrel on the melting fee of a polymer. It was demonstrated that the grooves on the barrel notably increase the melting rate, in comparison with conventional single screw extruders. An excellent arrangement between theory and experimental data was found.

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