Grooved feed single screw extruders Improving productivity and reducing viscous heating effects

Due to their high productivity, pressure invariance, and controlled throughput and melt heat, groove feed systems are becoming widely accepted meant for the extrusion of pipes, blown films, and blow molded content articles. Within the extensive research offered in this paper, a completely instrumented 45 mm extruder built with a grooved fed bushing was used to measure pressure distributions, screw and die characteristics, and melt heat range profiles. The screw geometry included compression and decompression zones, and Saxton distributive and Maillefer dispersive mxing heads. The screw and die characteristic curves display the high system productivity where throughputs comparable to 60 and 90 mm conventional extruders were measured. The big throughput induced a dramatic reduction in melt temperatures measured at the end. To raised understand and verify our experimental results, analytical models were used.

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