Molding of Aluminum Foams by Using Hot Powder Extrusion

So that you can form metal plastic extrusion machine foams directly from powder, a combined process of heated powder extrusion and molding is proposed. Aluminum powder mixed with a foaming agent is usually extruded into the mold through the die heated to a temperature higher than the melting stage, and the mold is without question filled with the aluminium foam. Whenever a stainless steel pipe is used for a simple mold, an aluminium foam bar is acquired which the relative density varies between 0.2 and 0.3. The molding of light weight aluminum foam by using three types of mold condition shows the influence of gravity and friction. The effect of gravity is without question significant when a significant step exists at the connection between the mold inlet and the die store, and friction is dominant where foam can be mold in a narrow space.

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