Extrusion Foaming of Nano Clay Filled Wood Fiber Composites for Automotive Applications

This paper presents the foaming behaviors of high-density polyethylene-based and polypropylene-based wood fiber composites with handful of nanosized clay. Melt compounding was employed to prepare various types of clay-filled, wood fibers composites, exfoliated clay composites and such as for example intercalated. Their morphology was determined by using X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. The twin screw extruder extrusion foaming was carried out using Nâ‚?because the blowing agent. The cell nucleation and progress behaviors of composite foams had been studied while varying temperature, pressure, wood fiber content material, and clay content. The effects of clay content and exfoliation degree on the ultimate cell morphology of real wood fiber/polyolefin/clay nanocomposite foams had been identified.

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