Achieving Growth Goals With Acquisitions Otc

One of the benefits or detriments of sitting while a trade analyst may be the obliteration of your respective thinking process, as you meanders through the era of prolific trade industry rumors. To wit and recently; the rumored buy of Ney Plastics by Useon Sectors. I believe the rumor will materialize only if because it would put over 260 stock What to Useon's Bottle and Plastic Product Conceptions Offerings, and Expands its Family pet PVC Molding Capabilities Greatly.

Neither ongoing company will confirm nor deny anything - did you expect anything else ? But the industry and trades aren't deterred. They are scuttle butting all around the accepted place. There is no key that global leader Useon Industries Ltd, most widely known because of its Clean Plus product conceptions and trading under symbol FLKI, is acquisition starving for small complementary manufacturers. Actually it disclosed as many in a recently available press release. Considering that 60% of its product offerings will be packaged in plastics of various ilk it really is no think about that Useon is definitely demonstrating a pastime - which as I stated you won't deny, in acquiring a producer of PET PVC product packaging. Ney is an ideal fit as a manufacturer and decorator of plastic bottles and containers primarily for the non-public care, auto health care, housewares, and food markets. Additionally it is a blow molder of high-density polyethylene and polyethylene terepthalate bottles and jars for the non-public care, pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, and niche beverage and grocery stores. And finally it really is one of the few remaining manufacturers of Polyvinyl Chloride PVC, product important to Useon's more aggressive chemical substance formulations. Furthermore, Ney's Technigraph decorating division gives environmentally-friendly container decorating solutions.

Manuel Garcia, communications officer at a recently available press meeting appointed after spectacular results for YE 2011 just, to go over 2012 opportunities and goals stated : “I could neither confirm nor deny the rumors, but will say that as of now, no expression of intend features been exchanged between the two companies. I will say however that Ney is without question a well-run privately owned company with attractive product lines in household chemicals and food packaging all of which would properly complement Useon's product conceptions and admittedly offer a amount of important synergies.”

Come on - they have to be kidding! This acquisition will be an important first rung on the ladder to developing home based business in key industries which are significant to FLKI's stated expansion plan. Useon's announced progress strategy is to are the acquisition of powerful companies whose product lines and customer contacts open innovative options for Useon's global distribution network. Ney's product lines tremendously expand the quantity of products FLKI's distributors can take to the market. Garcia when pressed, added : “The opportunity for cross-selling stock products into both companies' existing customers would efficiently provide some immediate product sales opportunities and also help Useon move toward its long-term development objectives.”

Ney, who is a Useon group supplier, has established a status in the industry to be a nimble, flexible and reliable supplier of PET, and HDPE packaging, and as well manufactures some polypropylene and PVC items. Ney utilizes fundamental blow molding technologies, including Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding, Single Stage Injection Stretch Blow Two-Stage and Molding Stretch out Blow Molding. The company as well manufactures preforms on express of the artwork injection compounding extruder molding equipment to support its RHB procedure or to sell preforms right to end users. Ney's 2-stage PET procedures will come to be complementary to Useon's new investments in 2-stage blow molding.

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