Starting a plastic recycling business

This article explains our point of view about plastic recycling.

If you are getting into it just, stick on these starting webpages explaining the basics to avoid big errors right at the start.

And actually this has nothing to do with the known fact we wish you to get machinery from us; we are only discussing what to do, and what Never to do especially, if you are a beginner.

For example, you have to know a bit about plastic scraps

So, usually do not rush, take your time and browse everything carefully because found in this ocean there are a great number of sharks swimming, and most of these are even invisible.

For the "industry experts" we come up with some internet pages with detailed data about both machinery and complete systems.

If you're no expert please go through this first machinery for plastic recycling or better, if you do know nothing at all about the subject begin from here: before starting.

We have been in this business since almost 30 years and this is the result of our expertise but, because there is time to learn more always, if you have a different opinion, please be so kind to tell us and we are ready to discuss the matter in deep details.

We'll never give up saying this is simply not an easy business and, if it's true you may make a bunch of money, the known fact you can lose more is true as well.

At the state, recycling is not financed and only handful of countries are giving some kind or kind of support and, in any case, once you start, you are by your own so, listen to this:

Try to plan the continuing business in the long run; specially should you be starting from scratch it takes a while to get your money back.

When you have your completely new machine set up and running, it generally does not automatically mean you'll be getting money out of it.

You need to know and understand the machine (and we think vice-versa aswell) because no machine nowadays accept everything so do not wait for miracles to occur; they never will.

You shall find hammers and wrenches left into scraps supply, and this not big deal, but also a piece of cotton fabric, orange skins and whatever possible you cannot imagine even.

Here we'll certainly not be talking about the normal contamination you anticipate, because you bought a machine that may handle that, but just about what you are not expecting.

All this to inform extruder parts you this is a good business that needs to be approached the proper way, with the proper devices with regards to machinery but, much more, when it comes to mentality.

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