Eco Alternatives to Changing Pads: Make use of Towel Diapers, Towels or Non PVC Diaper Mats

Every new mom knows that diaper changing is an important part of baby care. Diaper mats make changes easy, mess-free and hygienic. Learn about the different eco-friendly alternatives to PVC changing pads available in the market as well as how to save money by not investing in a mat.

Changing pads or diaper mats are soft rectangular pads coated with PVC or polyvinyl chloride basically, a plastic material, and used to place baby on while changing a diaper. They make cleanups hygienic and easy by providing a clean surface for nappy changes. However, PVC can be has and non-biodegradable been associated with leading to a variety of illnesses including, asthma. So, what options does a green and eco-friendly mother or father have got? Learn about the many non-PVC changing mats as well as alternatives you can use instead of a changing table pad.

Thanks to a growing awareness concerning the damage that PVC causes and a fast-spreading 'move green" motion, manufacturers of baby treatment products are discovering various earth-friendly and green alternatives for changing pads. These diaper mats are usually made of thermoplastic TPE or elastomer which really is a material with no PVC, latex and chloride, or PEVA that is once again a non PVC vinyl or artificial rubber encased in organic natural cotton. Using these alternatives is not only earth-friendly but additionally perfect for baby's sensitive skin. Moreover, it is possible 1mm rubber sheet to purchase these diaper changing mats online. Also, as, like fabric diapers, they're reusable, the cost is worth it totally.

There are lots of places from in which a green parent can select a changing pad that is free from PVC. ZoLi ( has a range of diaper changing mats manufactured from non toxic, PVC-free thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in a number of colors and priced at $20 each. Healthy Kid and Amazon both offer Naturepedic's Organic Changing Desk Pad. It is Greenguard authorized and manufactured from organic cotton having a slim cover of food-grade, nontoxic waterproof polyethylene coating. However, this changing table pad is expensive and costs one hundred dollars nearly.

Green Fibers has a rather interesting alternative to the changing pad. It offers a synthetic rubber sheet covered with organic natural cotton. Coming in at $27, this changing sheet is definitely free from PVC and secure for baby's epidermis. FuzziBunz, a respected name in cloth diapers and add-ons, also makes diaper changing mats made of waterproof PUL with a top coating of smooth, organic cotton or fleece.

It is also possible never to buy a changing desk pad altogether and use the easily available alternatives to change baby's nappy. A few options consist of:

1. A towel diaper can double up as a changing mat easily, especially for smaller babies. Keep a couple of extra prefolds accessible and simply glide one under baby's bottom when you open up the diaper.

2. If you're utilizing a disposable diaper, you can glide an opened merely, clean diaper under baby's bottom level before you open the filthy one. Then, whenever you surface finish cleaning baby, all you need to do is normally lift and clean bottom one final time, slip out filthy diaper and you possess a clean diaper right where you want it.

3. Baby shower towels are smooth also, absorbent and big enough to serve as a diaper changing mat. Moreover, since they're a favorite baby shower present, chances are you'll have always an extra one to serve as a diaper mat rather than a towel.

4. Soft baby blankets could also be used to change baby's diaper. Doubling a blanket will increase absorbency in case of any accidents during a diaper switch and the gentle fabric is going to be ideal for baby's sensitive skin.

5. Crib sheets or an individual bed sheet may also be folded and utilized to place baby on during diaper changes.

Each one of these options are inexpensive, easily available and make diaper adjustments as easy and hygienic as a changing table pad simply. So, if you're a new mother or father who does not want to collect a whole lot of baby gear or really wants to spend less on baby products, these alternatives are just what you need. Green parents who want an eco-friendly diaper mat can just, alternatively, invest in any of the changing table pads provided by companies like Fuzzi Bunz or Naturepedic. These alternatives to changing pads are secure for baby and the surroundings, making them the best choice for bringing up baby within a gentle world.

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